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Reviews and Praises for Dr. Whitaker's books

  •  Teaching Other People’s Children 
  •  Honeysuckle Plaits 
  •  The Stillhunter 
  •  Ma Johnson and Her Katrina Kats 

“Compelling...Irresistible, inspiring stories based on true events...These narratives invite us into the souls of unforgettable people who empower their lives despite all odds.”   -- New Ways Writers House Book Review -- Las Vegas, Nevada

​“Well done...have some wonderful touches.”   -- The New Yorker -- The Editors

“Evocative depictions... simply told, yet covering a topic that would interest both kid and adult readers.”  Writer’s Digest 16th Annual International Book Awards Recognition.  --Writer’s Digest -- 16th Annual Book Awards

“Outstanding literary accomplishment...”   -- Creative Arts and Science Enterprises

“A fascinating collection of cross-cultural stories with a humanistic-oriented interpretation,  empowering for all those in quest of their own inner spirit.”
                           -- Bernadine Shaw Brunson, Ph.D. -- University Professor, Writer and Editor
                                                                                                Educational Administrator, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wonderful—moving, vivid, honest and very clearly the work of a person in touch with sources of spirituality, creativity, humor and strength.  The book is a treasury of truths written with kindness and humor. Each narrative touches on the theme that there are many hardships in life; God gets his champions out of the highlands of affliction.” Thy hast shewed thy people hard things (Ps. 60:3)
     -- Pastor Mary Harris Koth -- Ordained Pastor, United Church of Christ, Phoenix, Arizona

“Whitaker’s crisp, tight, beautifully written work shouts out about life as the characters in the stories live it, guiding us with quiet power to examine the consciousness of all cultures.” -- Betty Evans -- Make-A-Wish Foundation Volunteer, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Her books need no more words. They stand beautifully alone. I go through them when my inner faith wanes and I need to believe again.” -- Sonia Lazar -- Author and Teacher, Los Angeles, California

“The author and I have been friends for more than two decades. Whitaker’s work brings back memories of the year she spent in Barcelona with me and my family, and the times we enjoyed painting together at her home in Los Angeles. During both occasions, some of the work included these books were borne. The uplifting verse and radiant paintings capture the love, hopes and joys of people worldwide.  Gracias.”  -- Pilar Amigo -- Fellow Artist and Friend

“The author uses her poetry and paintings to bring long-envisioned peace to the universe.”   -- The Innerview -- Baltimore, Maryland

“Dr. Whitaker and I have worked together at UMICPT (University of Missouri International Center for Psychosocial Trauma) since 1994. We have served in Bosnia, Israel, Kosovo, Palestine, Pakistan and Turkey—among other war-torn countries—striving to bring hope for children of the world.  Whitaker uses her skills in art therapy and narrative therapy as a persistent affirmation to the power of art, poetry and storytelling to uplift the human spirit. “
-- Dr. Wayne Anderson -- Professor Emeritus, Psychology of Science and Correspondent
  Travel Writer, Columbia Tribune
      Columbia, Missouri

"Whitaker writes with integrity, feeling, vitality, poetry, rhythm, and mostly with color. The key is diversity."
    -- Boonville Daily News, Boonville, Missouri

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